L’oucomballa (dancing egg) is a pagan myth that comes from the East, and is associated with religious faith in Catalonia. The egg dances on a spout of water in the cloister of the cathedral at Corpus Christi. Tradition has it that if the egg dances for a long while, Barcelona will be prosperous.

A meal to remember

A warm, welcoming, special atmosphere.
Small but not overfull.
Jazz, pop, classical music or film scores that will please both the young and people of all ages.

Very little light, a good wine, pleasant music, that someone special...
Enjoy a romantic meal.

Enjoy a quiet conversation in a cosy corner.

Suppertime is like travelling to the east and west. Greek, Italian or French notes, and also North African and Indian notes, but of course, stopping off in Catalonia. Classic dishes with a modern touch such as venison with dark chocolate, or Jewish dishes such as “gayina sefardi”.

Dishes cooked with loving care, that will seduce you.

The Born, a jewel of Modernist industrial architecture.

The restaurant is right next to Santa Maria del Mar, the most impressive Gothic church in Barcelona.

It is also near the Picasso Museum, one of the most important and attractive museums in the city.

A historic setting that is now cosmopolitan, combing classic and avant-garde elements, similar to Paris, or the Soho districts of New York or London.

Carrer dels Banys Vells 20
08003 - Barcelona


Transport: Metro Jaume I


Car parks: Cathedral (Weekends),
Born and France Station.


L'Ou Com Balla is open every evening
from 20h to 24h.


L’Ou com Balla offers a menu for €22 on Mondays,
Tuesdays and Wednesdays evening that lets you
enjoy a taste of old Catalonia. Menus on Friday,
Saturday and Sunday are à la carte.

tel. 93 310 53 78